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The second “Wansheng cup” table tennis tournament ended!

In July 2015, we held the second “Wansheng cup” table tennis tournament is satisfactory.

This game, set up two phases, the first phase by grouping cycle, the second phase by eliminating plus play-offs, and perform the table tennis competition rules of the development of the international table tennis federation, do not set the seeds, grouping, positioning in the lottery. Use three out of five sets, 11-point system. There are more than 30 employees took part in the game, which contains the Manager, Management cadres and employees.

In the Match, players with superb skills, indomitable fighting spirit, making, give full play to dare to dare to spell, positive and enterprising spirit of sports competition.

The scene atmosphere warm, all climax, exciting fight constantly to win the cheers around.

After a round robin and the fierce conflicts between the knockout, decided in the end:

Champion: Men: Chan Yuan Women: Yan Wang

Second place: Men: Chenen Li Women: Wenyin Gao

Third place: Men: Zhiyong Chen Women: Fang Sun

The second session of the “Wansheng Cup” Table Tennis Invitational, driven by the employees to actively participate in physical exercise and cultivate the tenacious struggle, courageously rushed out of the will quality. Enhance the feelings between colleagues, for employees to provide a mutual exchanges, learn skills, a platform to display their own, stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees.