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The 10 anniversary of the convening of the forum our corporation all management personnel.

Wansheng casting 10 anniversary, the company held a symposium in November 8, 2014 all management personnel. General manager Chen Liming, Vice President Chen to help Fu, Chen Ming. The main person in charge of each department of the company, the company system in various fields, the level of the team leader, director of the first-line staff representatives to participate in the forum. The meeting was chaired by Li Chengen, Chen always is strict and efficient, internal integration, enhance service consciousness made an important speech.

At the forum, participants with passion, around the “consciousness transformation” theme, combined with personal work experience and job feelings, talk about the development process of the company ten years of personal feelings and profound experience, share the achievements of development joint efforts and accumulated valuable experience, have good vision for the realization of the development of the company to actively offer advice and suggestions speak one’s mind freely.

Time flies, stand together through storm and stress; a hard, a harvest! Today Wansheng Casting Co., celebrating its tenth birthday, on the occasion of celebrating the occasion, Wansheng foundry customers to the community leadership, and our staff to express my heartfelt thanks!