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Casting defects being cast steel castings in our country enterprise's shortcomings

Author:Wansheng Casting  View:676  Date:07/06/2014
Casting defects has always been a difficulty of foundry enterprises, casting defect problem solving is bad will affect the quality of the castings. Foundry enterprises in the process of production of cast iron castings, there will be all kinds of casting defects such as wear and tear, sand holes, pinhole, crack, deformation defects, such as lower hardness, damage, now also can take remedial measures, can not fundamentally solve these defects.
At present, the domestic for cast iron casting defects such as the following way, the first is the argon arc welding, the method is mainly for precision cast steel castings, aluminum alloy die casting, welding repair of high efficiency and high precision of the electric welding machine. Second is electric welding machine, the method is mainly for cast steel cast iron castings, such as, it can fix larger defects, efficiency is higher. Both methods have their own defects, some solution will generate secondary defects, etc., therefore, for the moment, it is impossible to completely eliminate the casting defects, can only in view of the specific solution.
Appear afore-mentioned problems with our country also cast steel cast iron casting production such as craft level is not high, the casting equipment performance is not adopted by the higher factors, with China's foundry industry technology level of ascension and casting equipment, the improvement of the performance of this kind of indifference to believe that the future will be very good solution, at least not become a big difficulty in foundry enterprises.

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