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Precision casting mold export in our country will have great development in the future

Author:Wansheng Casting  View:810  Date:07/06/2014
As China's economy to maintain sustained growth, the machine tool industry will maintain rapid growth and accelerate the development of casting mould manufacturing industry, precision casting mold market active, because our country mold production cost is low, with the improvement of the mold manufacturing technology and the improvement of quality. Not only can reduce the mold imports, and is likely to gradually open foreign markets, mold exported there will be a big development.
In recent years, China's mold industry rapid growth at the rate of average more than 15%, far higher than the national average GDP value. Among them, the precision casting mold accounts for about 5% of all kinds of mold output, annual growth rate as high as 25%. International mold association secretary general luo hui pointed out, the current coincided with the automobile, motorcycle industry into the rapid growth in China, the big increase in production for many years. Especially with precision casting industry is closely related to the cars is growing rapidly, increasing the demand for complex, precision casting mould. As an important support - casting mould precision casting industry a bright prospect in industry. Predicts that the next few years the domestic auto industry will continue to be the main driver of casting mould industry.
During the period of "11th five-year plan, precision casting mould industry in China has gradually integrated into the world trade integration, mould commercialization degree increased significantly." Experts said, "the 12th five-year period, should continue to promote the industry management, to establish a fair and reasonable price system of casting mold, further standardize the market for mold." Improve the level of casting mold design and manufacturing, mainly includes: 1. The development of high speed machining technology, improve the surface treatment technology, improve the level of standardization of casting mould, and enlarge the using range of standard parts; 2. Improve the level of technology and equipment design integration; 3. Improve the large, precision, complex, long-life mold design and manufacturing level.
2011 China machinery industry output value is increased by 25% over 2010, profits growth of 21% over the previous year, but the growth rate fell by 8% and 30% respectively than in 2010. Since 2011 China machinery industry growth there is an obvious drop, this shows that the Chinese economy high speed growth period has been gradually in the past, the industry in the future must adapt to the market demand by heavy "quantity" to "quality" shift. Andrew precision casting co., LTD., however, think that, as long as the industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading, prospects will still light, this year China mold and die industry production and sales are still steady growth can be realized.
Import and export of large deficit showed that China mold and die products demand still exists objectively, and will be rapid growth, precision casting industry in China, if can convert excess of mid-range capacity to adapt to the demand of "high-end" capacity, especially in the feature and key focus on numerical control system, and other areas of the base product, shorten the gap, so the competitiveness of the precision casting industry in China will be improved obviously.

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