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Precision casting strength relationship with China foundry industry development in the future

Author:Wansheng Casting  View:799  Date:07/06/2014
Casting is the foundation of all industries. Industry of a country to revive depends on advanced manufacturing technology, and casting should definitely ranked first in advanced manufacturing technology. So the level of casting technology has become a measure of a country manufacturing level of important symbol, is also the key to a national industrial development level. In recent years, precision casting production have made big progress in our country, our country has become a precision casting manufacturer. The level of precision casting is to determine whether the foundry industry of a country strong, one of the standard so our country to be casting powers, should take priority to the development of precision casting. In our country are casting power rather than casting powers is a known fact that at present our country to casting foundry industry is great power in this industry, a new level, to promote the development of the foundry industry advanced placement, onto a new stage, the development of precision casting is the key. Precision casting is a force in the foundry industry in the world, some people with precision casting technology on international to divide the development situation of a country's level of casting, thus the precision casting and casting a representative of the state of productivity development, to promote the development of the precision casting industry in China, it should be pushed to the following four goals. It is understood that the current industrial developed countries in the world the development of precision casting technology induces roughly four goals, the precision casting industry in China should also is quite close to the four aspects: except ChangDian more precision casting technology in China, practitioners, high yield, compared with the developed countries, in, efficiency, energy and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection are a gap.

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