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Domestic six measures to promote the development of scientific precision casting industry is analysed

Author:Wansheng Casting  View:711  Date:07/06/2014
Precision casting foundry industry has a great role in promoting, so we need to priority to the development of precision casting, precision casting to drive the development of casting industry in China, the development of precision casting needs certain method, in order to adapt to the industrial structure adjustment and the development of low carbon economy requirements, implement the scientific development of precision casting industry, focus on the following work:
(1) to cultivate strategic emerging industries and modern manufacturing services, thus to meet the needs of the transformation of the downstream industry, provide support the steady and rapid development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, the system provides the basis for establishing a modern foundry industry.
(2) the comprehensive education and training network system construction of precision casting industry. Various forms of running a school to make casting education training work covering the whole industry.
(3) help enterprise effective use of the WTO and other international law, to deal with anti-dumping trade disputes, for the voice in the international trade system.
(4) adhere to the "going out, please come in", the top BBS and do a good job in China precision casting industry, foundry industry executives on the basis of the BBS of the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and further do a good job in Asia foundry industry executives top BBS BBS and founded the brics casting industry, foundry industry are actively participating in the world top BBS.
(5) the substantive participation in international standardization work. For the five-year period, submitted to the international organization for standardization of several formulated by China's dominant international casting draft standard.
(6) to carry out the credit rating evaluation work in the foundry industry of China.

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