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In line with international standards development of precision casting industry in China

Author:Wansheng Casting  View:625  Date:07/06/2014
To the industry development, we must be in line with international standards, in order to develop more market. But to be in line with international standards, the first thing to do is to start from the root, vigorously promotes the quality of products. For the development of precision casting industry in our country, more should be so.
For now, the precision casting industry development in our country and the world advanced level are obviously larger than that at present domestic precision casting industry generally there is a low level of technology, product quality is poor, environmental pollution in the process of production, bad work environment, energy and raw materials consumption of higher status. If you want to improve the quality, you must first know its status quo, and domestic precision casting industry status quo of the details are as follows:
1, serious environmental pollution, domestic precision casting industry operating conditions with a few large enterprises in China such as faw, no.2, big big heavy, shenyang liming company production equipments, advanced precision casting technology, such as environmental protection measures in place, the basic point most foundry production obsolete equipment, backward technology, general rarely consider environmental protection issue.
In the 1980 s, the government of small scale, low technical level and polluting enterprises have adjusted their specialization, raised the intensive degree of the enterprise, but the rough characteristics of casting production have no fundamental change.
2, low technological level, poor quality of precision castings. Mainly displays in following several aspects:
A, the casting crack problem is serious.
B, large casting defect serious segregation and inclusions.
C, simulation software application is not widespread.
D, the manufacture of high precision casting is still difficult, core technology and key products still rely on imports.
E, precision casting, machining allowance. Because of the lack of scientific guidance design, process design personnel on experience is difficult to control the deformation problem, casting machining allowance, in general, 13 times larger than abroad. Machining allowance is big, the energy consumption of the castings and raw material consumption, processing cycle is long, the production efficiency is low, has become the bottleneck which restrict the development of the industry.
F, gating system design is not reasonable. Due to the improper design, such as volume gas and inclusion defects, lead to casting production rate and qualified rate is low.
3, higher energy and raw material consumption precision casting industry in China's energy consumption accounts for 25% 25% of total energy consumption of mechanical industry, energy utilization rate is 17% on average, energy consumption is approximately twice the casting in the developed world.
Can be seen from the present situation of the above analysis, the precision casting industry in China to be line with the international advanced level, also need to start from the fundamental problem, upgrading production equipment, attach importance to technological innovation and development, promoting the casting quality upgrade.

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